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Hire Digital Marketing Services in India

We provide a variety of search engine optimization services which offer solutions for a variety of ranking issues.

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Our SEO Process

Goal Definition

We strive for achieving what we have dreamed off by focusing on the core values of SEO services.


We examine methodically and in detail the services provided to our esteemed customers all across the globe.


We believe and focus on the perfect execution of our services and plans in doing something great.

Some Other Professional SEO Services For Clients

Article Syndication

Increasing awareness by posting content on your social media accounts

Social Website Integration

Integrate widgets on your website to increase social shares

RSS Pings

Notifying all search engines when new content is created

Timeline Management

Posting Unique posts to your timeline

Google Analytics installation

Tracks traffic to your website and other related factors

Google Webmaster Installation

Troubleshoots every error found in your website

Title tag Optimisation

Improves searchability of your website

Keyword Optimisation

Best keywords to drive traffic to your website

Anchor Text Inclusion

Creating links for relevant pages within your website

Body Text Optimisation

Highlight the main the topic of your page for more visitors

URL Rewriting

Higher rank with relevant keywords in the URL

Google, Yahoo & Bing Site Map Upload

Indexing your WebPages at major search engines

Manual Article Submissions

Distributing content relevant to website to build authority

Blog/Forum Posting

With natural link profile build a strong online presence

Page Optimisation

For maintaining all on-site aspects of your marketing campaign

Social Bookmarking

Sharing content on various social networks

Deep Link Builder

Creating links on other pages not just the home page of your website

Verified Link Builder

Ensuring the maintenance of link created

Facebook Cover Design

Creating custom design for your Facebook page

Header Tag Optimisation

Improves readability of content of your website

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Maximize your returns with precisely targeted PPC campaigns. We craft captivating ads that channel relevant traffic to your website, effectively transmuting clicks into loyal patrons.

Social Media Marketing

Enthrall and engage your audience across diverse social media platforms. Our innovative strategies amplify your brand's resonance, fostering profound connections.

Content Crafting and Marketing

Captivate your audience through riveting content. From compelling blog posts to enlightening videos, we meticulously curate material that strikes a chord and incites interaction.

Email Marketing

Harness the potency of personalized email campaigns. Cultivate leads, nurture relationships, and keep your audience both informed and captivated.

What is SEO?

On Page SEO?

To rank well, you need the right type of content. Optimising your website is one of the best ways to immediately get better rankings. On-page SEO is what we do to the text when people read your website, your blog, or any of your online content. We employ some practical strategies that you can use on your website to increase its visibility, searchability and popularity on the web world. On page SEO is perhaps the most important process not only for better rankings but also for a successful internet marketing campaign.

Off Page SEO

social marketing

Social Media Marketing

Having a strong social media presence is a must to succeed online. Consumers are increasingly using social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to interact with and find information. Our range of affordable social media marketing services India are all designed to increase your reach. Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. Social media itself is a catch-all term for sites. We provides powerful, easy-to-use social media marketing tools for pages, messages, ads, promotions, monitoring, analytics and more.

SEO Price Packages

As client select us, the client has to choose the minimum amount of package, after that choosing the plan we request clients to clear their goals which they want us to achieve for their work. After that only we explain our working methods that what all things we do to achieve that particular goal. There are various packages available, according to the need of the client, as EPlanet Soft provide free client audit and if the client like the audit or work than only he select us to work with him. We are the leading seo company who provide the affordable seo services in India.


$195 Per Month


$235 Per Month


$275 Per Month


$350 Per Month

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