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Project Overview

YOL is a first of its kind social media app for mental and emotional well being for students enrolled in colleges. The “Your One Life” application is about using the power of social media and the access to mobile phones to create a better, happier you. Studies indicate that users spend over 5 hours a day on phones and of that 80% of the time is mindless scrolling. The app enables a user to tokenize happiness through NFTs on the blockchain to provide an incentive and guide for the individual users on their journey to happiness. Founded by Yogesh Kochar, the YOL application has been certified by AICTE for use on college campuses and has already recorded over 8 million downloads on Android and iOS platforms.


Mental Answer & Holistic Healthcare


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The Problem

1. Time Management Challenges

College students often struggle with balancing academic responsibilities, extracurricular activities, social life, and personal well-being, leading to stress and burnout.

2. Academic Pressure and Performance Anxiety

Many students experience academic pressure and performance anxiety, especially during exams and assignment deadlines, affecting their mental health and overall well-being.

3. Enhancing Token and NFT Utility Awareness

Users may benefit more from a clearer understanding of the utility and value of the tokens and NFTs earned through the app.

The Solution

1. Time Management Challenges

Develop a feature within the app that allows students to create personalized schedules and set reminders for tasks, deadlines, and self-care activities. Incorporate time management tips and resources to help students prioritize effectively and manage their time more efficiently.

2. Academic Pressure and Performance Anxiety

Introduce a section in the app dedicated to mental health and well-being, offering resources such as relaxation techniques, mindfulness exercises, and access to counseling services. Implement features for peer support and group study sessions to foster a supportive learning environment.

3. Enhancing Token and NFT Utility Awareness

Develop a comprehensive feature within the app that educates users about the benefits and potential uses of tokens and NFTs, such as accessing exclusive content, participating in special events, unlocking premium features, or acquiring unique digital collectibles. This feature should include tutorials, FAQs, and real-life examples of how tokens and NFTs can enhance their experience within the app and beyond.

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Outcome Result


EPlanet Soft’s interventions reduced bounce rates and increased user interaction. This, in turn, could have converted visitors into customers, demonstrating the tangible value of our services.


This strategic fit likely helped produce better results for the company through better resource and effort allocation since Eplanet Soft adopted a data-based approach to tackling weaknesses that were found.


The introduction of clear calls to action and better lead-capturing systems could probably generate more leads on UniFirst’s site. This may have resulted in better potential customer acquisition as well as a stronger sales pipeline.


The website’s information architecture was possibly restructured to make it more navigable and easier for visitors to access relevant content. This could have enhanced user satisfaction and retention.


When the company employed SEO and digital marketing strategies, more potential customers visited the site than before. As a result, UniFirst might have gained extensive market coverage that allowed it to interact with possible clients.

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