Profile Linking SEO

Profile Linking SEO Technique increases Page Authority (PA) & Page Rank (PR)

There are many techniques to get Page Authoriy (PA)Page Rank (PR) and Domain Authority (DA). One of the best way to increase PA and PR is Profile Linking. In this we just search for the websites having option to create profile. One more thing we should take care about is the profile we are creating should have an option to place your URL of the website. After creating your profile on site successfully, you will now have an inbound link from that particular site and indirectly it will increase your PA,PR and DA. So you should remember that the website on which you are creating your profile should be a quality site otherwise your link can also be treated as a bad link for Google and eventually it will not help you in increasing your PA, PR and DA.

Steps for Profile Linking Technique in SEO

  • Search for Profile Linking Website
  • Create Profile on that particular website.
  • Now update your website URL in the profile.
  • Now take URL of the Profile.
  • Now use and submit your newly created profile URL.


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