SEO strategies 2020

Latest SEO Strategies 2020

Google algorithms are ever-evolving. So here are a few tips to stay on top and stand apart from the crowd

Voice search

According to research, data has shown that 20 percent of queries on mobile are voice searches. Voice searches are becoming increasingly popular, more people will type the search queries the same way as they speak Users are looking for an accurate answer, so using bullet points can help.

Search results will continue to be dominated by featured snippets

The summary of an answer is known as a featured snippet. It is displayed at top of SERP results, above paid and organic ads. Aim for question-based search queries and keywords. Use questions from the “people also ask” section as it offers insight on related questions for a more in-depth answer.

More marketers will anchor the influencers for SEO

17% of businesses spent over half of their entire marketing budget on influencers. The statistics highlight the importance of influencer marketing for companies, especially those in fashion, beauty, eCommerce, travel, and lifestyle.

BERT will stay

This is one of the major changes made by Google to its algorithms. It enables everyone to train their question answering system. You should aim at creating content that matches the user’s intent based on your analysis.

Digital experience

People nowadays are looking for a digital experience. Companies that have moved to a digital-first approach to improving customer experience have realized better revenues. To provide the best experience one needs to be in the customer’s shoes. Keep it simple.


Only high-quality content can help you remain on page 1 of the results but alongside quantity, the quality also matters. There are a lot of arguments around the length of content in a blog. Always remember quality matters over quantity. Web pages with long-form high-quality content enjoy more visibility.

Mobile search

Mobile search as we know always tops the list. According to a study 87 percent, users are on mobile phones and 40 percent of transactions occur over the phone. If you’ve optimized for voice search, you’ve also optimized for mobile. Besides incorporating long-tail keywords for on-page SEO, modify the content structure and representation for technical SEO.


Just when you think you know the algorithm and fully understand them, the updates take place. SEO requires not just online but an offline strategy too. Investing in SEO is very crucial to stay atop.